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Media and the Law on Twitter [updated]

We have previously posted on “Blogging the Law in the UK” and on “Blogging the Media“.  Twitter is another important source of legal and media information.   There are large number of lawyers who tweet.  The US website Justia has hundreds of “Legal Birds” – Legal Professionals on Twitter.  We have recently added a list of “Law and Media Tweets” to the right hand side of the Inforrm home page and we would like to draw the attention of readers unfamiliar with Twitter to some of these.  Our list is not intended to be comprehensive and is strictly alphabetical.   More can be found by searching Twitter:

1stamendment – The First Amendment Coalition provides very regular updates on First Amendment issues.  There is also a website.

Article 19org – Tweets from the leading freedom of expression NGO, with daily updates on international issues.

Citizen Media Law – is a US operation, describing itself as “Nonprofit at Harvard providing legal assistance and resources for online and citizen media”.  Tweets are fairly irregular.

Daniel J Solove – Law professor at George Washington University Law School and expert in information privacy law.  A regular blogger as well on “Concurring Opinions“.

Eric Goldman – Internet Law, Advertising Law & IP Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law – also blogs on the “Technology and Marketing Law” blog.

Kyu Ho Youm – is the Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair Professor School of Journalism and Communication University of Oregon and is an active and regular media law tweeter – drawing attention to many of the latest stories from around the world.  This is, at present, one of the best media and law resources on Twitter.

Heather Brooke (newsbrooke) – regular and entertaining tweets on media and political issues from the well known journalist and freedom of information campaigner (who writes in today’s Guardian about the Wikileaks diplomatic cables leaks and its wider implications).

Kate Sutherland (Lawandlit) – She describes herself as “Law professor and fiction writer. Currently obsessed with defamation law, free speech, privacy, and social media”.  Regular media law related tweets.

Martin Moore (martinjemoore): Tweets from the Director of Media Standards Trust – consistently well informed on media issues.

Meeja Law – Judith Townend’s tweets on UK media and legal issues.  She also has a blog of the same name.

Dissent Doe (Pogo was right)Blogger on privacy, data protection and data breaches on,, and  Regular tweets on privacy issues.

Privacy Law – from Prof. Michael Scott, Southwestern Law School, L.A and dealing with, er, Privacy Law.


Our readers have draw attention to a number of important sources of “law and media” information on Twitter which were, inadvertently, omitted from our original list.  Apologies to those omitted.  Here they are:

Andrew Sharpe (TMT_lawyer)“Caffeine-fuelled telecoms partner in law firm Charles Russell LLP”.  He is also author of the CRITique commercial law blog.

David Allen Green (davidallengreen) – “Lawyer and writer; legal correspondent of New Statesman and head of media law at @Preiskel“.  The blogger (and Tweeter) formerly known as “Jack of Kent”.  His primary blog is now on the “New Statesman” website although “Jack of Kent” springs to life from time to time.

Sheldon Toplitt (theunrulyoflaw) – US  media law & press news with a twist from a lawyer, writer & prof.   The author also has the Unruly of Law blog.


  1. @davidallengreen


  2. sheldon toplitt

    Happy to note that #theunrulyoflaw also Tweets about media law developments in a snarky 140 characters or less.

  3. @jtownend

    Thanks for the mention. Also, for an aggregated media law news feed from several sources, including Inforrm, I’ve set up @medialawuk

  4. bainesy1969

    In addition to (the hurt) @davidallengreen, I would also add @TMT_Lawyer

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