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Public Service Advert: UEA Academic Media Law Jobs

We have been asked to draw the attention of  our readers to the fact that University of East Anglia Law School is advertising for two full-time indefinite posts in the areas of media, IT or IP law.  Further details and the further particulars brochure can be found here.  UEA is developing an interdisciplinary centre for the study of media and the Law School has a new research grouping for media and IP law.  The LLM in Media Law, Policy and Practice is now in its third year.

Both posts are what UEA calls ATR (academic, teaching and research) positions, which means that there is an expectation of high-quality research including a significant submission for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) – with around 40% of time spent on research and the balance on teaching and other activities.  The topics presently being worked on include the development of English defamation and privacy law, enforcement of intellectual property law in European and international law, passing off, the relationship between public service broadcasting and competition policy, the impact of criminal law on artistic expression, and the regulation of new media such as computer games and social networking sites.

At undergraduate level, UEA has three modules: intellectual property law, Internet law, and media/entertainment/sports law.  The undergraduate curriculum is being relaunched. At postgraduate level, current modules include Media Markets & Regulation, Globalisation of Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Aspects of Media Law and Technology Transfer.

Anyone interested can contact the Head of School, Professor Alastair Mullis, to discuss these vacancies.


  1. adele pace

    The dream job! I think an interdisciplinary approach is critical; understanding the law and how the technologies work and the practical ways in which media is being consumed in the age of convergence. Lucky candidate who gets that job!!!

  2. Tlss

    Given the difficulty of studying media and law after reading this article, I find media lawyers interesting because I’m interested in media and their job involves mingling with celebrities. I appreciate this informative article; keep producing content like this.

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