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Social Media Use – an update

We have previously drawn attention to Gary Hayes’ “Counter” for Social Media use which shows the amount of social media activity taking place at any given moment.  This can be found at the bottom of this post. It reveals that this blog post is one of about 900,000 posted in the past day and 330,000,000 in the past year.

We note two developments.  First, Mr Hayes has introduced some new “tabs” onto his counter.  As well as providing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly figures for activities on blogs, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other “social media”, the counter has tabs for “mobile telephones”, online games and one labelled “heritage” – dealing with the US Box office, TV revenues, films, radio stations and similar.

Second, Mr Hayes has produced an i-Pad version of his Counter – discussed on his blog and available for download from the iTunes App store.

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the Counter but it gives a strong indication – particular to those who do not use social media – of the immensely high levels of activity which are now taking place.   Gary Hayes can be found on Twitter, he also has a blog.  This is the Counter


  1. Mark

    I’m not really sure how useful this counter is. How do we gauge how reliable it is?

  2. Inforrm Editorial

    Gary Hayes explains the sources of his figures on this blogpost. They appear to be soundly based on sources – although obviously this is a dynamic area where forward projections are often wildly out.


  3. telephones

    there should be a counter saying – seconds you have wasted watching this debatable graphic….

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