Last week we had a post listing the top twenty Inforrm blog posts of all time.  This enabled newer readers to revisit some of the popular posts from earlier in the year.  We have had a lot of hits on these and we thought it might be of interest to provide a further list, setting out some more of the most popular posts – this time numbers 20 to 40 on the Word Press List from our first 8 months.

Rooney, Coulson, Hague: balancing privacy and expression

Revisited and Updated: Strasbourg on Privacy and Reputation, Part 3

Defamation Damages: USA and England Compared

Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information: Part 1:  The European Convention

Alastair Brett – as he leaves The Times,

Lectures: Lord Neuberger on the balance between privacy and freedom of expression

Libel Reform Debate: Part 1 “Burden of Proof”

Case Law: Political Blog Libel Action Struck out as Abuse

Judgment: Petrenco v Moldova, 30 March 2010

British Journalism: some views from the States

Opinion: “Think again: the recent campaign for libel reform is not based on careful consideration”

“Interim Injunctions and the overlap between privacy and libel: Part 1”

“Case Law: Fiddes v Channel Four, Appeal Dismissed”

Opinion: “A v Independent News – Freedom of Information as an Article 10 right”

Courts: New Judge in Charge of the Jury List

Access to Documents in Criminal Cases: the Tesler decision

US Supreme Court: United States v Stevens; restrictions on depictions of animal cruelty held unconstitutional

Privacy, the Duchess of York and the Public Interest

Jon Venables, Law and Media Responsibility

Opinion: “Thoughts on Recent Media Law Reform Debates: Part 1 Injunctions