One of the many useful features of the way in which WordPress blogs are set up is that automated records are kept of the blog posts which have had the most hits.  We have extracted the list of the “Top 20 Inforrm” posts of all time.  We post this so that new readers can visit some of the older, popular, posts on this list which they have missed.

Wayne Rooney’s Private Life and the Public Interest

Defamation Trials, Summary Determinations and Assessments: 2005-2009

Case Law: Von Hannover (No.2) to the Strasbourg Grand Chamber

Judgment: British Chiropractic Association

Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill – an overview

Lord Lester and the Libel Reform Campaign

Mosley ECHR Case – the Media Submissions

Case Law: Flood v Times Newspapers, Reynolds Defence Fails

Responsible journalism and William Hague

Injunctions and Super-Injunctions: an Introduction

An Article 10 Right of Reply?

Strasbourg on Privacy and Reputation, Part 1: A positive obligation

“Libel must be rebalanced in the scales” – the proposed Libel Reform Bill

Strasbourg on Privacy and Reputation Part 2; a balance between privacy and reputation?

Libel Reform Debate: Part 2 “Damages cap and remedies

Reporting privacy injunctions

Opinion: “Counting the Cost of Libel Reform”

Rooney, Coulson, Hague: balancing privacy and expression

Jon Venables – New Court Hearings

Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information: Party 2 International Instruments and other Jurisdictions

We hope that this list of interest and assistance to our readers.