Inforrm Blog – Summer Break

5 08 2010

The Inforrm blog is taking a summer break for a couple of weeks.   We thank all our readers and contributors who over the past 6 months have made this one of the leading media law blogs.  The blog is now read by lawyers and journalists, with over 100,000 page views in the past 6 months, running at an average of over 500 a day.  We now have one hundred email subscribers. Read the rest of this entry »

Legal Journals: Neutral Reportage Privilege in England and Wales

4 08 2010

Australian academic, Jason Bosland has written an article entitled “Republication of Defamation under the Doctrine of Reportage – The Evolution of Common Law Qualified Privilege in England and Wales” (available on SSRN and forthcoming in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies). Read the rest of this entry »

Libel Law Reform – Proposals from Jamaica

3 08 2010

Hugh Small

In a Law and Media Round Up a couple of weeks ago we mentioned libel law reform proposals being considered in Jamaica.  The common law of libel in Jamaica is the same as that in England and Wales and it is of considerable interest to see how they have approached these issues.  The Media Association of Jamaica has kindly provided us with copies of the Review of Jamaica’s Defamation Laws by a Committee Chaired by Justice Hugh Small and of the the Submission to Joint Select Committee by the Media Association and the Press Association. Read the rest of this entry »

US Freedom of Expression and Media Law Round Up 2 August 2010

2 08 2010

The disclosure on the Wikileaks website and in the Guardian and the New York Times of 90,00 Afghan war logs gives rise to a number of First Amendment issues.  Would free speech case law provide protection for the leaker(s) of the documents and those that publish them? There are obvious parallels with the famous “Pentagon Papers” case,  New York Times v. U.S., in which the US Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment barred the Nixon administration from preventing the publication of classified information relating to the Vietnam War by the New York Times and Washington Post.   Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up: 1 August 2010

1 08 2010

In this regular feature we draw attention to the last week’s law and media news and next week’s upcoming events. If readers have any news or events which they would like to draw attention to please add them by way of comments on this post.


The biggest media law story of the week concerns the  release of the Judgment by Mr Justice Bean  prohibiting the publication of  the new  identity  of Jon Venables.  Following the hearing on Friday 23rd July,  there have been numerous media reports of the current threats to Venables including a vigilante group on Facebook. The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian have a number of articles about Venables. Blake Morrision also has an opinion piece in the Guardian. We have a post on the Judgment and there is a report on the Press Gazette website. Read the rest of this entry »