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Inforrm Blog – Summer Break

The Inforrm blog is taking a summer break for a couple of weeks.   We thank all our readers and contributors who over the past 6 months have made this one of the leading media law blogs.  The blog is now read by lawyers and journalists, with over 100,000 page views in the past 6 months, running at an average of over 500 a day.  We now have one hundred email subscribers.

We have had more than 250 posts from several dozen contributors.   Our contributors have brought a number of different perspectives to the “libel reform” debate and we hope to expand our coverage in the autumn.

The libel reform debate has now entered an important new phase – as the coalition government considers concrete proposals for a new government sponsored defamation bill.   We want to debate practical suggestions – designed to make the law more accessible and fairer for both claimants and defendants.   It seems to us that the debate needs to be broadened to cover the law relating to privacy as well as issues of media regulation.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a relaxing summer break.  We will be returning to regular posting in the second half of August.

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  1. Mr Barjinder Sahota

    This is the most refreshing, informative, and invaluable libel blog I have ever come across – keep up the excellent work! Barjinder Sahota (sole practitioner in libel, London)

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