The Table of Recent Cases which appears on the Inforrm main page has now been revised and updated.  It includes all the recent (since 1 January 2010) English media law cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court along with the significant cases from other jurisdictions.   We have included all the cases on which we have done case analyses or other posts.

The aim of the Table is to provide a quick reference guide to both recent case law and to the case discussions on the Inforrm blog.  We always welcome suggestions for further additions or improvements.  We are particularly interest in transcripts of cases which have not found their way onto Bailii or the other public legal resources,  We would also like to include the Skeleton Arguments for the cases which we comment on and we would be particularly grateful if the lawyers in the cases could send us copies of these.

FInally, we would like to thank Bailii and their sister institutes around the world – such as CanLii and Austlii for making case law publicly available so quickly and efficiently.