The Inforrm blog is now two months old.   We have had 90 posts from a dozen contributors.  In March we had over 10,000 page views – from 4 continents.  After the United Kingdom our biggest readership is in the United States, New Zealand and Europe – with occasional readers across the rest of the world.   We are grateful to all those who have been reading our posts and making the occasional comment.

Thank you to those bloggers who have drawn Inforrm to the attention of their readers – Steven Price’s excellent Media Law Journal blog from New Zealand and the sometimes slumbering but recently re-awakened MediaPal@LSE – as well as the UKSC Blog and Human Rights in Ireland.  We have also been picked up by Lawbore – the law students’ guide and by the South African Freedom of Expression Institute blog. You can also follow us on Twitter.

One of the great attractions of blogging is that it is an introduction to a remarkable global community.  The Justia directory of legal blogs (Blawg Directory) records 5,363 legal blogs in the world, including 55 in the media and communications category.  In addition there is an immense range of informative websites.

We have tried list the most important and useful media law blogs and websites down the right hand side of Inforrm blog – along with a range of websites dealing with media law and journalism issues.   We welcome any further suggestions – new and interesting ones appear or are brought to our attention every week.

Inforrm is moving to the next phase of its development (see the Inforrm News and Events page).   Our launch event will be announced shortly along with a programme of seminars and talks.

We invite suggestions for seminars and events and contributions to this Blog.   Our purpose is to provide a forum for debate, to be inclusive rather than exclusive.   The law governing the media in general and privacy and expression in particular is too important to be left to any particular interest group or groups.   If you want to contribute or make any comments or suggestions, please let us know.  You can contact us via our email: