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Mirror, mirror on the wall; will this press arbitration scheme do any good at all? – Amber Melville-Brown

Leveson ReportOnce upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was an investigation into press behaviour. Sir Brian Leveson heard from witnesses, tale upon tale of poor press conduct, and ultimately issued a plethora of sensible recommendations for press regulation with a view to ensure that the watchdog and bloodhound of society that is the press, could no longer savage the rights and reputations of the public. Continue reading

Leveson lingo – how to talk your way around the Report: Amber Melville-Brown, Rupert Cowper-Coles, Sam Ahuja

Leveson ReportWith the press machine in over drive as to what the ramifications of Lord Justices Leveson’s report will be, the media savvy amongst you may have a far greater concern over the festive period; the fear of fielding countless questions from friends and loved ones simply trying to understand, “what’s it all about?’ Help is at hand. Below we bring you our top five phrases to help you knock back even the toughest Leveson-related question that comes your way.

Continue reading

Another brick in the wall of reputation protection – Roger Waite and Amber Melville-Brown

The story of teacher Jeremy Forrest and his cross-channel flit with a 15 year old pupil Megan Stammers has put the teaching profession firmly into the headlines. But potentially taking teachers out of the headlines is the Education Act 2011 which, when it came into force on Monday 1 October, provided that teachers accused of a criminal offence against their pupils be automatically entitled to anonymity. Continue reading

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