Case Law, Strasbourg: Matúz v. Hungary, Whisteblower protection for TV journalist – Dirk Voorhoof

27 11 2014

Whistleblower onlineThe recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Matúz v. Hungary again illustrates the need for strict scrutiny to keep up the standards of media freedom and the right of freedom of expression and information in European pluralistic democracies.   Read the rest of this entry »

Responsibility in Public Office? – Cathy James

25 04 2013

_64200175_richard_rhodesOne cannot fail to be shocked by the way in which the Cumbrian police have dealt with those who leaked information to the press about the excessive expenses of their recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner.  The Commissioner, Richard Rhodes, held a press conference in which he admitted that it was wrong to have incurred the cost of hiring a private chauffeur at the public’s expense, but then said he was not responsible for the decision to prosecute those who put the information into the public domain.  Read the rest of this entry »

Gagging Clauses For Whistleblowers: Worth The Paper They’re Written On? – James Laddie QC

26 02 2013

Whistle (cropped)Whistleblowing has never been closer to the top of the news agenda.  As the headlines shift from one scandal to the next, we learn that the story only broke because of a whistleblower (phone-hacking), or that the wrongdoing would have been stopped earlier had whistleblowers had better protection (Savile). Read the rest of this entry »