“Hello, my name is The Daily Mail, and I twist your words” – Tom Rowland

12 08 2014

dr-kate-granger-620873092Read the excesses of parts of the British Press for long enough and one gets quite hardened to distortions, misreporting and twisting of the truth. Read the rest of this entry »

How Daily Mail Editorial Standards are still Falling Through the Floor – Tom Rowland

18 07 2014

daily-mailI totally disagree with George Clooney about The Daily Mail” the comedian John Cleese tweeted, “They are much, much worse than that.” As has now been widely reported Clooney condemned The Daily Mail after it wrongly claimed that the mother of his Lebanese fiancée objected to their wedding on religious grounds. Read the rest of this entry »

David Cameron, the Mail Online and recycled poison – Tom Rowland

1 05 2014

David CameronIn the dying days of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) the Prime Minister has found himself on the receiving end of a successful complaint over his public spat with senior clerics about the hardship caused by government welfare changes. Read the rest of this entry »

In its dying months, the PCC continues to massage the figures – Tom Rowland

16 04 2014

pccLast year the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) received 12,763 complaints, yet its published Monthly Complaint Summaries only record 5,940 cases dealt with – or about 46 per cent of the total.  So how it can claim that 80 per cent of complainants using its service are satisfied with the outcome? Read the rest of this entry »

PCC: The ‘resolutions’ that suit newspapers but leave so much unresolved – Tom Rowland

24 01 2014

PCC“Resolution” of complaints from members of the public at the Press Complaints Commission (“PCC”) can include the sending of ‘private letters of apology’. Tracking down some of these proves instructive. Read the rest of this entry »

The PCC is still fudging and not fixing, and the Mail is still the worst offender – Tom Rowland

17 01 2014

Leveson PCCIn November 2013, the month of the first anniversary of the publication of the Leveson Report, thePress Complaints Commission (PCC) published some of the details of 37 complaints from the public that it claims to have ‘resolved’. Read the rest of this entry »

PCC obscures the awkward truth of 24 Mail complaints in two months – Tom Rowland

8 11 2013

Daily_Mail_clock,_closeupIn September and October this year, when the press was supposed to be on its best behaviour, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) claims to have ‘resolved’ 72 complaints from the public.  The biggest culprit by a mile was the Mail newspaper group with 24 – one every two to three days on average, and an enormous one-third of the total. That compares with just a handful each for most papers in the whole period and a single complaint against the Guardian. Read the rest of this entry »