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BBC presenter scandal: the law around exchanging sexually explicit images – Kirsty Welsh

The developing scandal surrounding allegations that a BBC presenter paid a 17-year-old for explicit images is full of questions – the identity of the presenter (who remains unnamed in the media), the age of the young person when the alleged explicit images were taken, and of course, whether the allegations are true and can be proved to be true. What is known, however, is UK law when it comes to the exchange of sexually explicit material involving young people. Continue reading

If someone posts your private photos online, there has been little you can do about it: how changes in the law will finally help victims – Clare McGlynn

In 2015, Keeley Richards-Shaw found her name and personal life splashed all over the media. Her photo, her job and links to her Facebook page were all published. She’d been in court seeing her ex-partner sentenced for harassment and sharing sexual images without her consent. After being stalked by him, she said she was now being “stalked by the media”. Continue reading

Australia: A win for the press, a big loss for Ben Roberts-Smith, what does this judgment tell us about defamation law? – David Rolph

At the heart of the spectacular defamation trial brought by decorated Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith were two key questions. Had the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Canberra Times damaged his reputation when they published in 2018 a series of explosive stories accusing him of murder and other crimes while in Afghanistan?  And could the newspapers successfully defend their reporting as true? Continue reading

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