Explainer: what is surveillance capitalism and how does it shape our economy? – Donell Holloway

28 06 2019

I recently purchased a bedroom bundle (mattress, bed base, pillows and sheets) from a well known Australian startup for my son, who has flown the nest. Now I’m swamped with Google and Facebook ads for beds and bedding. The week before it was puffer jackets. Read the rest of this entry »

Data Protection: ICO reports on Adtech and Real Time Bidding, finds that data protection laws are being ignored

22 06 2019

On 20 June 2019 the Information Commissioner’s Office published its Update Report into Adtech and Real Time Bidding [pdf] dealing with the use of personal data the real time bidding (“RTB”) process in online advertising. Read the rest of this entry »

Cars are regulated for safety: why not information technology? – Moshe Y Vardi

30 03 2019

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As the computing industry grapples with its role in society, many people, both in the field and outside it, are talking about a crisis of ethics. Read the rest of this entry »