How would Brexit affect data protection, privacy and surveillance laws in Britain? – Steve Peers

11 05 2016

image-20160504-5832-11yu217Successive British governments have passed or tried to pass laws granting wide data sharing and surveillance powers, only for them to founder in the European courts due to conflicts with European directives and laws such as the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Spain and the EU’s data protection Directive – Steve Peers

16 05 2014

internetThe EU’s data protection Directive was adopted in 1995, when the Internet was in its infancy, and most or all Internet household names did not exist. In particular, the first version of the code for Google search engines was first written the following year, and the company was officially founded in September 1998 – shortly before Member States’ deadline to implement the Directive. Read the rest of this entry »