Opinion: Pale Pinks in Plain Sight – Julian Petley

20 11 2012

In its diatribe against Common Purpose, the Mail notes that the organisation ‘has attracted the obsessive attention of the more outré internet conspiracy theorists such as David Icke, as well as bloggers on the far Right. This has provided a convenient smokescreen against a more rational investigation’.  Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson: “Disturbing Questions” and the Daily Mail’s Desperation

17 11 2012

The Leveson Inquiry has made the press extremely uncomfortable.  For once, their own conduct is being subject to investigation and critical scrutiny. To use a well known phrase, they like to dish it out, but they can’t take it.  A number of newspapers regard scrutiny of their own conduct as constitutionally improper – an unjustified interference with the freedom of the press to do what it likes, regardless of the impact on others. Read the rest of this entry »