News: Mirror Group admits liability in phone hacking cases

24 09 2014

Mirror GroupTrinity Mirror has announced that its subsidiary MGN Limited has admitted liability to four individuals who had sued over allegations of interception of voicemails.  MGN has apologised to those individuals and agreed to pay compensation.  It has also confirmed that six other voicemail interception claims have already been settled. Read the rest of this entry »

News: Sun settles claim by RBoS Shareholders Action Group

19 02 2014

logosun-getcccctyA claim for damages brought by RBoS Shareholders Action Group Limited (“the Action Group”) against News Group Newspapers Limited (as publishers of The Scottish Sun) has been settled with the publication of an apology and the payment of damages and costs. Read the rest of this entry »

Libel Settlement: Gilligan v Faber & Faber – publisher of Ken Livingstone’s autobiography apologises to journalist – Isabel Hudson

21 07 2012

Following Boris Johnson’s victory in the libel courts this week in successfully striking out the complaint brought by RMT leader Bob Crow, his Mayoral adversary Ken Livingstone has also found himself the subject of a libel complaint. Read the rest of this entry »