10 ways in which the Telegraph’s Fraser Nelson gets it wrong about Allardyce, Leveson and the Press – Brian Cathcart

1 10 2016

allardyce2Isn’t the Daily Telegraph great? That, in essence, is the question Fraser Nelson asks in his article (in the Telegraph) entitled ‘The value of our threatened free press is the real Sam Allardyce exposé’. But in his eagerness Nelson is in danger of prompting the opposite answer to the one he is hoping for. Read the rest of this entry »

Sam Allardyce ‘sting’ is the latest chapter in a new era of investigative reporting – John Jewell

29 09 2016

image-20160928-582-sczreiThe manager of the England football team, Sam Allardyce, has resigned just two months into his job, apparently “by mutual consent” – whatever that means – after being splashed all over the pages of the Daily Telegraph which linked him with allegations of impropriety. Read the rest of this entry »