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Are the judges in tune with the public’s view of the public interest?

Last month Inforrm had a case comment on the decision in which the High Court refused a privacy injunction because the former manager of the England football team was “undoubtedly a public figure”.  As such, he belonged to “the category of those from whom the public could reasonably expect a higher standard of conduct”.   This is an approach which has long been promoted by the tabloid press.   But the independent evidence strongly suggests that it is not the public’s own view of the  public interest. Continue reading

Opinion: The FA Code of Conduct: Footballers Beware, Paps be Ready! – Dominic Crossley

The FA proudly announced its player code of conduct last weekIt was widely welcomed by the media particularly in the wake of the John Terry disciplinary panel decision and Ashley Cole’s angry reaction on Twitter to the panel’s view of his evidence.  Footballers have been left in no doubt that they will have to answer to the FA for their misdeeds, and a good thing too, you may say.  As many a journo commented, it is a surprise that it has taken until now for a code of conduct to be introduced for footballers, given the equivalents in sports such a rugby and cricket. Continue reading

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