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The EU’s Data Protection Regulation: where are we? – Robin Hopkins

data-protectionThe replacement of Directive 95/26/EC – the bedrock of data protection in Europe – with a new Regulation is intended as a radical overhaul, making protections for personal data fit for the digital world. It has now been over two years since the first substantive draft of that Regulation was made public. I dimly recall Tim Pitt-Payne and I summarising it – see here. Continue reading

Confidentiality of medical information after patient’s death: two new Upper Tribunal decisions – Robin Hopkins

filingcabits-796239-W1200The absolute exemption at section 41 of the Freedom of Information Act extends to information obtained by the public authority the disclosure of which would give to an actionable breach of confidence. Does the obligation of confidence survive the death of the confider? If so, would a breach of that obligation be actionable, even if it is not clear exactly who could bring such an action? These issues arise most notably in the context of medical records. The Upper Tribunal has had something to say on this in two recent decisions. Continue reading

Case Law, Northern Ireland: JR 60’s Application for Judicial Review, Refusal to destroy part of a ‘life story’ justified under Article 8(2) – Robin Hopkins

High Court BelfastThe High Court of Justice (Northern Ireland) has today given judgment In the matter of JR60’s application for judicial review [2013] NIQB 93. The applicant sought to challenge the right of the two Social Care Trusts to keep and use various records generated when she was a resident of children’s homes and a training school between the years 1978-1991. Continue reading

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