Case Law Australia, Harbour Radio v Trad, High Court allows qualified privilege appeal – Richard Ridyard

19 10 2012

Debate on qualified privilege is often problematic as it is the grey area that lies between two fundamental rights: freedom of expression and protection of reputation. In England qualified privilege has become an important defence, and was firmly under the spotlight in the landmark case of Reynolds v Times Newspapers Limited . Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy, Lessons from 1890 – Richard Ridyard

11 10 2012

In an age of modern technology, a world of globalisation and with the spotlight firmly fixed on the Leveson Inquiry it is a simple mistake to forget the value of something written in 1890. I said simple, not forgivable.  The current situation media law finds itself is similar to the position of financial regulation. Both are highly complex and rest upon a careful balancing act, making reform difficult in both areas. Read the rest of this entry »