Social media is changing our digital news habits: but to varying degrees in US and UK – David Levy and Damian Radcliffe

21 06 2016

Digital MediaDigital technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries in the past decade. We’ve left behind a world where established news brands could rely on reaching large audiences and hence secure advertising revenues. Now there is huge uncertainty about business models, even as digital gives consumers more convenient access to news than ever before. Read the rest of this entry »

EU Referendum Media Coverage: Narrowly focussed, press coverage skewed, television more balanced

24 05 2016

graph1-1024x512Two new studies suggest that the media coverage of the EU referendum debate strongly favours male Conservative politicians and that the press coverage is skewed towards the “out” campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

How Radical are the Leveson Proposals? Lessons from Overseas, Part 2 – Lara Fielden

31 12 2012

Lara FieldenThis is the final part of Lara Fielden’s analysis of the Leveson Proposals in the context of overseas models of press regulation.  The first part was published on 30 December 2012.

Leveson makes three core recommendations on the way the new regulatory body should be organised (summarised in The Leveson Inquiry Report Volume 4 at p.1759 (Figure K7.1) and p.1777 Figure K7.2).  He proposes it should have three arms: complaint handling, standards enforcement and the arbitration service. Read the rest of this entry »

How Radical are the Leveson Proposals? Lessons from Overseas, Part 1 – Lara Fielden

30 12 2012

Leveson ReportIn drafting his recommendations for reformed press regulation in the UK, Lord Justice Leveson has looked with evident interest at how things are done overseas. A chapter of his report considers ‘international comparators’ (Part K, Chap 5) and while none can provide an off-the-shelf blueprint for future regulation in the British context, elements of a variety of overseas models form key components of his proposals for a voluntary, independent, self-regulatory framework. Read the rest of this entry »