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Case Law: R (London Christian Radio) v Radio Advertising Clearance Centre: When is an advert “political” for the purposes of a ban under the Communications Act? – Rosalind English

20090327_radio_microphone_18R (on the application of London Christian Radio Ltd & Christian Communications Partnerships) v Radio Advertising Clearance Centre & Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport [2013] EWCA Civ 1495The ban on Christian Radio’s proposed advert seeking data on the “marginalisation of Christians” in the workplace was lawful and did not constitute an interference with free speech, the Court of Appeal has ruled. When determining whether a radio or television advertisement was “political” fur the purposes of Section 321(2)(b) of the Communications Act 2003 the court should consider the text objectively; the motives of the advertiser were irrelevant. Continue reading

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