Public Opinion, the Mail and the Milibands: an unacceptable attack

6 10 2013

Ed-Miliband-Daily-MailThe public row over the Daily Mail’s attack on Ed Miliband’s father continues in today’s newspapers.  Most commentators have condemned the way in which the Daily Mail chose to write about Ralph Miliband.  Today’s Observer curiously led with the view of the Master of Wellington College, Anthony Seldon, that “It sets a very bad example to young people to belittle someone who is dead. I think it is nasty, it lacks taste and decency, and I worry about antisemitism”Read the rest of this entry »

A tale of two British summers: phone hacking and a royal baby – Des Freedman

25 07 2013

Private-Eye-royal-baby2The royal birth is set to be the face of the 2013 summer, but to what extent does this reveal how little the media has changed since the phone hacking scandal in 2011? What happened to media reform?

Prepare for an avalanche of wild speculation, idle gossip, PR puffery and unadulterated joy – at least on behalf of the 46% of the British public (including only 29% of men) who claim they are ‘very or fairly interested’ in the royal baby. Read the rest of this entry »