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Libel: Preliminary Issue Meaning Trials: Where are we now?- Emma Foubister

The removal of the right to jury trial in defamation cases by the Defamation Act 2013 has meant that the Courts can determine issues such as meaning as preliminary issues at an early stage. While preliminary issue trials on meaning have now become the norm, the issues and practices that surround them are far from settled. This post considers some recent trends and issues that have arisen in practice. Continue reading

Case Law: Simpson v MGN Limited and Ward: gradations of infidelity and the importance of ‘established family units’ – Sara Mansoori

Danny SimpsonAn allegation of infidelity is defamatory, but an allegation of infidelity which imperils or destroys a home and family unit is particularly disreputable. This was the position adopted by Danny Simpson, the Premier League footballer, at the trial of a preliminary issue on meaning in respect of an article published in the Daily Mirror in November 2012. Continue reading

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