Case Preview: Mitchell v News Group, Rowland v Mitchell, the “Plebgate libel trial”, beginning 17 November 2014

16 11 2014

The Sun Andrew MitchellOn Monday 17 November 2014 the most high profile libel trial of the year will begin in Court 13 at 10.30am before Mr Justice Mitting.  This the joint trial of preliminary issues in two claims and is now listed for two weeks (reduced from the original three). Read the rest of this entry »

Reporting Libel: “Plebgate”, the demand for £200,000 that never was

27 04 2014

The Mail on Sunday today has a MoS Front Pagefront page story with the headline “Plebgate PC: I want £200k for MP’s ‘lies‘”. This is described by the BBC as “the latest twist in this extraordinary saga“.  It is nothing of the sort.  The figure of £200,000 is not the sum being “demanded” by the claimant. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: Mitchell v News Group, Plebgate and costs budgets, The Sun off the hook for big bucks – David Hart QC

30 11 2013

jackson_0_0Mitchell v. News Group Newspapers ([2013] EWCA Civ 1537): We all know the story about how Andrew Mitchell MP may, or may not, have tried to barge past policeman in Downing Street with the memorable phrase “you’re f… ing plebs”.  Like a lot of good stories, it may not be true, and like a lot of good stories it was picked up by The Sun. So Mr Mitchell sues The Sun in libel on the basis that it is untrue. Read the rest of this entry »