Beyond Bullying: some unanswered questions about the outing of Abby #Milifandom – Peter Jukes

23 05 2015

MilifandomI’m not going to rehearse the sorry history of Sun on Sunday columnist and former Conservative MP who has spent the last two weeks attacking the 17 year old behind the #Milifandom phenomenon. The young student has had enough grief as it is, and Louise Mensch’s words speak for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Mazher Mahmood used private eye to target Tom Watson during Parliamentary Inquiry into Phone Hacking – Peter Jukes

15 11 2014

_56593507_webbThere is another question raised by Mazher Mahmood‘s evidence at the Leveson inquiry that he never employed a private detective after his extensive work with Southern Investigations in the 1990s. Read the rest of this entry »

Did Mazher Mahmood mislead Leveson about the Dark Arts of his Past? – Peter Jukes

11 11 2014
Media Ethics Inquiry (Leveson Inquiry)The further postponement of the BBC1 Panorama documentary leaves us waiting for new light to be cast on the activities of News of the World‘s most famous reporter, Mazher Mahmood, the Fake Sheikh.  In the meantime, it is worth going back over his evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.

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News: Phone Hacking Trial Book to be Published Next Month

26 06 2014

Book JPEGThe first full “uncensored” account of the phone hacking trial by journalist Peter Jukes is to be published within weeks, Canbury Press announced today.Beyond Contempt: The Inside Story of the Hacking Trial will be speedily released in e-book format by the end of July 2014.

Peter Jukes was named Britain’s best social media journalist for his live-tweeting of the trial at the Old Bailey. Read the rest of this entry »

Forthcoming Book: “Title Embargoed: Inside the Phone Hacking Trial” by Peter Jukes

5 06 2014

JukesJournalist Peter Jukes, named Britain’s best reporter on social media and Twitter, is to write an “uncensored” account of the phone hacking trial, to be published shortly after the verdicts.

Peter Jukes, a former award-winning dramatist, has live-tweeted all 29 weeks of the trial of Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and five other defendants at London’s Old Bailey since October 2013. Read the rest of this entry »