Social Media: the Free Speech Paradox – Patrick George

29 05 2018

People have been surprised by the freedom with which they can use social media and say exactly what they think.  Uninhibited, unrestrained and carefree commentary can be seen on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook at any time of day. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Mickle v Farley, $105,000 awarded for defamatory tweets and Facebook posts – Patrick George

7 03 2014

gazetteA former NSW schoolboy who posted abusive and defamatory statements on Twitter and Facebook about a teacher at his school ordered to pay $105,000 damages … NSW District Court Judge Michael Elkaim found “the effect of the publication on the plaintiff was devastating” … Patrick George reports. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Reform in Australia: who should guard the guardians – Patrick George

6 06 2013

gazetteAustralia’s attempt at media reform has gone nowhere fast … Media lawyer and author Patrick George looks at what happened, what is at stake and why a Media Ombudsman might be the answer

The campaign to shut down media reform in Australia has been very effective. Read the rest of this entry »