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Harm Version 4.0: the Online Safety Bill in metamorphosis, Part II, Strands 2 and 3 – Graham Smith

The most heavily debated aspect of the government’s proposals has been, Strand 2,  the ‘legal but harmful content’ duty. In the draft Bill this comes in two versions: a substantive duty to mitigate user content harmful to children; and a transparency duty in relation to user content harmful to adults. That, at any rate, appears to be the government’s political intention. As drafted, the Bill could be read as going further and imposing a substantive ‘content harmful to adults’ duty (something that at least some of the Committees want the legislation explicitly to do). Continue reading

Online abuse: banning anonymous social media accounts is not the answer – Harry T Dyer

In the wake of the tragic death of the member of parliament for Southend West, David Amess, fellow MPs have been talking about how to best protect both politicians and the public from abuse and harm. This has included a strong focus on enacting laws designed to halt online abuse, even though police have not linked Amess’s killing to this issue directly. Continue reading

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