United States: Is Assange Entitled to Full First Amendment Protection? – James C Goodale

10 11 2019

At a recent panel discussion at Columbia University on Press Freedom, National Security and Whistleblowers, at which the case of Julian Assange was discussed, no one on the panel mentioned the application of the First Amendment to the defense of Julian Assange. Rather, members of the panel effectively suggested his actions could be judged by a public interest or public concern standard. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Law Resource Centre, 2015 Conference, “London or Bust …” – Yvonne Kux

5 11 2015

gazetteThis year’s Media Law Resource Centre conference in London featured free speech, privacy, press regulation, tabloid journalism, drones, judges, journalists and some very fine cocktails at the House of Lords … The Gazette couldn’t resist

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