Media Law: Highlights and lowlights of 2014, the view from Australia

3 01 2015

gazetteThe Gazette of Law and Journalism asked five savvy media law types – Michael Cameron, Justine Munsie, Patrick McCafferty, Grant McAvaney and Matt Collins – to choose the highlights and lowlights of the year that was …  Some consensus emerged, at least in terms of UK developments. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: a media law backwater? – Michael Cameron

24 11 2013

gazetteaustralian-flag-640Australia risks being left behind as a media law backwater while other nations pursue defamation law reforms designed to meet the realities of digital publishing and social media. Read the rest of this entry »

Hawaii’s new “anti-pap” laws – Michael Cameron

28 02 2013

gazetteHollywood’s war on being terrorized by paparazzi has moved from California to Hawaii. Michael Cameron reports from New York on the new fight between celebrities and the entertainment news industry. Read the rest of this entry »