Paddling in the backwater: Australian courts and online defamation – Dr Matt Collins QC

27 11 2015

gazetteWhen, in 1932, a Full Court of the Victorian Supreme Court considered, for the first time, how the rules of defamation law might apply to that new-fangled technology, the radio, one of the judges bemoaned that: Read the rest of this entry »

Defamation Act 2013: An extreme makeover – Matthew Collins

29 01 2014

Royal Courts of JusticeEngland’s complicated and claimant-friendly defamation laws, honed in important respects in the Star Chamber, have rightly attracted worldwide criticism. In 2008, the New York State legislature condemned their deployment against American nationals as ‘libel terrorism’. In 2010, the US Congress passed a law with the express purpose of preventing British defamation judgments from being recognized and enforced in the land of the First Amendment. Read the rest of this entry »