Did Murdoch Win? – Martin Hickman

30 10 2015

murdoch564Let’s freeze-frame the moment. It’s 2.39pm on a July day in 2011 and the world’s most powerful media magnate is atoning. In front of British MPs, his wife, his PR advisers, and a global TV audience, Rupert Murdoch says: “This is the most humble day of my life.” Read the rest of this entry »

Life and Death in the Sun Newsroom – Martin Hickman

29 10 2015

sunFleet Street is a closed world. National newspapers shape debate, make or break careers and alter the course of corporations and governments, but their newsrooms remain barred to outsiders. The news is public; how it is made is private. Read the rest of this entry »

Crowdfunding: Sun Corruption Trial, reporting the re-trial of Chris Pharo and Jamie Pyatt – Martin Hickman

10 09 2015

Sun TrialRebekah Brooks is back in charge of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers – but the fall-out from the hacking scandal continues. Brooks’s news editor at the Sun, Chris Pharo, is going on trial later this month accused of making unlawful payments to a police officer.  His co-accused is Jamie Pyatt, a former Sun news editor. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Six Trial: Sun news editor tells jury he did not know cash was for serving police officers – Martin Hickman

17 11 2014

Sun head of news Chris Pharo arrives at Kingston Crown Court in LondonThe Sun’s news editor did not believe that when his reporters asked for cash payments to “police” or “jail” sources that their contacts were actually serving police or prison officers, Kingston Crown Court heard today. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Six Trial: Sun News Editors tells court of decades of “chequebook journalism” – Martin Hickman

14 11 2014

downloadRebekah Brooks would occasionally reply to emails from her news editor seeking cash payments for the newspaper’s sources but Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper group produced none to a criminal trial of his journalists, a court heard today. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Six Trial: Jury hears inside story of life in the Sun newsroom – Martin Hickman

14 11 2014

The First Editions Of The Sun On Sunday Hit The NewstandsThe Sun’s editor, Rebekah Brooks, went into a foul-mouthed rant against at the paper’s news editor Chris Pharo during morning editorial conference because he had presented a poor news list, he told a court today.

Read the rest of this entry »

Revealed: 10 Police Inquiries into Illegal Data Techniques – Martin Hickman

12 07 2014

Press and PoliceMore than 100 Scotland Yard detectives are investigating allegations of hacking, bribery and other crime by British newspaper journalists, official figures reveal. New Metropolitan Police statistics show that 46 police officers are still looking into phone hacking, while a further 53 police are inquiring into payments by tabloids to police and other public officials. Read the rest of this entry »

Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson offered Goodman “every possible support” after arrest – Martin Hickman

25 11 2013

Andy CoulsonDay 21 (Part 1):  Andy Coulson offered Clive Goodman “every possible support” after he was arrested for hacking into the voicemails of aides to the Royal family, the phone hacking trial heard today. Mr Coulson, then News of the World editor sympathised with Mr Goodman in  phone call on 8 November 2006. The call was  secretly taped by Mr Goodman. Read the rest of this entry »

Phone Hacking Trial: Transcripts of “deeply personal and intrusive” messages between David Blunkett and lover found in News International safe – Martin Hickman

7 11 2013

BlunkettDay 9: Transcripts of “deeply personal and intrusive” messages between Labour politician David Blunkett and his lover Kimberly Quinn were found in a safe at Britain’s biggest newspaper group, the hacking trial heard today. Read the rest of this entry »