Media regulation : Ofcom set to examine BBC Panorama anti-Semitism programme. Paddy French

8 11 2019

Which is the more professional broadcaster when it comes to investigative reporting — the BBC or Al Jazeera? That’s the intriguing question that’s going to be answered by Ofcom’s forthcoming ruling on the BBC Panorama programme Is Labour Anti-Semitic? In January 2017. Read the rest of this entry »

The Labour Party “purge” and social media privacy – Paul Bernal

30 08 2015

Labour PartyThe so-called ‘Labour Purge’ has many disturbing elements – from the motivations behind those who might ‘need’ to be purged to the motivations of those who want to purge them – but there is one aspect that appeared yesterday that seems to have been largely ignored: the attitude to people’s privacy. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson: Ofcom, Royal Charters and Judicial Recognisers. Or how about Sir Brian?

11 12 2012

Judicial RecognisersLord Justice Leveson recommended the establishment of an independent and voluntary self-regulator for the press. And given, the long history of inadequate self regulation, he recommended that the law must “provide a mechanism to recognise and certify” the new self-regulator. His view, after careful consideration of the alternatives, was the Ofcom should be the recognition body.   Read the rest of this entry »