Brand Beckham will weather the email storm – John Jewell

12 02 2017

beckhamIf nothing else, the David Beckham email scandal has provided some welcome respite from the apparently perpetual news agenda of Trump and Brexit. It seems that the previously pristine and relatively scandal-free (at least in the past decade) sporting icon may not be as golden as his carefully cultivated image might suggest. Read the rest of this entry »

Lego vs Daily Mail strikes at paper’s weak spot: its advertising revenue – John Jewell

15 11 2016

legoPerhaps providing a welcome diversion to all the apocalyptic press reaction following the election of Donald Trump is the news that Lego, the Danish manufacturer of plastic bricks, has announced its intention to cease advertising in the Daily Mail. Read the rest of this entry »

Ian Hislop is right: Murdoch’s cosy relationship with Tories should be investigated

1 11 2016

The reciprocal closeness in the relationship between journalism and power is a prominent feature of British political history. In times of war or national crisis, media organisations are expected more often than not to behave as if they were an arm of government – but, for the newspapers of Rupert Murdoch, this close relationship seems to have become business as usual, whoever is living in Number 10. And the willingness of various governments to yield to Rupert Murdoch’s news empire has been exhaustively documented. Read the rest of this entry »

PR firms are becoming more powerful, but good journalism still prevails – John Jewell

29 10 2016

image-20161005-14227-1entr1yRecent articles about the public relations firm Bell Pottinger are a stark reminder of the power and pervasiveness of PR in today’s fragmented media landscape. Read the rest of this entry »

Sam Allardyce ‘sting’ is the latest chapter in a new era of investigative reporting – John Jewell

29 09 2016

image-20160928-582-sczreiThe manager of the England football team, Sam Allardyce, has resigned just two months into his job, apparently “by mutual consent” – whatever that means – after being splashed all over the pages of the Daily Telegraph which linked him with allegations of impropriety. Read the rest of this entry »

How the horror of war gets lost in the media’s short compassion cycle – John Jewell

26 08 2016

image-20160822-18702-ce5d0jFew images have captured the peculiar horrors of the war in Syria more powerfully than the photograph and short video that emerged recently showing five-year-old Omran Daqneesh sitting in an ambulance after being rescued from the aftermath of an airstrike in Aleppo. Read the rest of this entry »

Regional newspapers are starving to death but can local journalism survive? – John Jewell

5 08 2016

Local NewspapersIn October 2015, at a cost of £220m, Trinity Mirror, the parent company of Mirror newspapers and the Sunday People, took complete control of Local World – publisher of around 100 local newspaper titles. Read the rest of this entry »

BBC gets out of the kitchen as government turns up the heat – John Jewell

18 05 2016

image-20160517-9464-1eul4b3I suppose it says a lot about our current national obsession with all matters gastronomic that the focal point of media attention concerning the BBC’s decision to “redefine” its online presence centres around the decision to take down its food website. Read the rest of this entry »

Are people getting a bit tired of being lectured to by do-gooding celebrities? – John Jewell

22 03 2016

Benedict CumberbatchVeteran foreign correspondent and broadcaster Michael Buerk is getting tired of “bleeding heart” celebrities. In an interview in the latest issue of the Radio Times, Buerk said that he was “a little sniffy about celebs pratting around among the world’s victims”. He went on to single out actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Thompson for wearing their hearts a little too regularly on their sleeves: Read the rest of this entry »

The future is digital: let’s hope the online-only Independent will be part of it – John Jewell

16 02 2016

Copies of "The Independent" newspaper are displayed for sale at a store in London, Britain February 12, 2016. Britain's Independent newspaper is to disappear from news stands next month after its Russian owner said the 29-year-old title would only publish online, in the starkest sign yet of the pressures weighing on the newspaper industry.REUTERS/Neil Hall - RTX26NLPWhen it was announced that the The Independent was to cease producing the print editions of its daily and Sunday titles from March 26, the reaction of journalists and columnists to the news (and the inevitable redundancies to come as a consequence) was of course one of palpable sadness. Read the rest of this entry »