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IPSO the Glove Puppet Talks B******s About Standards: the Meghan Markle/Clarkson Complaint Analysed – Paul Wragg

One day, IPSO the glove puppet will tell the truth about An Industry Talking B******s about its commitment to high editorial standards. But not today. Today, IPSO will say its decision to hold The Sun accountable for ‘a serious breach of the Editor’s Code of Practice’ (Lord Faulk’s words) demonstrates that it is the tough regulator it has claimed to be since its inception in 2014; that it can force newspaper editors to publish prominent adverse adjudications ‘whether they like it or not.’ Today, IPSO will say, it has shown the Press Recognition Panel was wrong to claim it is nothing more than the trade’s complaints handling service. Continue reading

The Jewish Chronicle: Ipso should be ashamed – Steven Barnett

As a kid growing up in a close-knit north London Jewish family, I was part of a Friday night ritual that was replicated in thousands of Jewish homes across the country. We would go to my grandmother’s for supper (featuring the best chicken soup this side of the Atlantic), would listen to a couple of perfunctory prayers over wine and bread, disagree violently over the chopped liver about the political controversy of the day, and then settle down to discuss that day’s required reading: the newly delivered Jewish Chronicle. Continue reading

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