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Ireland: And the dance goes on – Eoin O’Dell

Dance at Bougival by Renoir via WikipediaIn my previous post, I discussed a temporary injunction obtained by music promoter David Kavanagh to prevent the sale of Melanie Verwoerd’s memoir When We Dance. The book charts her Afrikaner upbringing, her marriage to the grandson of an architect of apartheid, her anti-apartheid involvement with the African National Congress, her time as South African ambassador to Ireland and as head of UNICEF Ireland, and her relationship with celebrity DJ Gerry Ryan until his unexpected death on the night of 29 April 2010. Continue reading

Ireland: When ‘we dance’ to the High Court for an injunction – Eoin O’Dell

Cover of Melanie Werwoerd 'When We Dance&'  via Liberties Press websiteI have written before on this blog about prior restraints and temporary and permanent injunctions in defamation cases. Not long after the South African Constitutional Court effectively outlawed prior restraint in that jurisdiction (see Print Media South Africa v Minister of Home Affairs [2012] ZACC 22 (28 September 2012); blogged here), I learn that on Wednesday 10 October 2012 Gilligan J in the High Court in Ireland granted temporary injunctions to prevent the sale of a memoir written by the South African partner of a deceased celebrity Irish DJ (cover right): Continue reading

News: Privacy Injunction Statistics, January to June 2012 – identifying the cases [Updated]

On 27 September 2012 the Ministry of Justice Published its second statistical report on privacy injunctions, covering the 6 month period January to June 2012. It is noted that, during this period, there were 9 new applications for interim privacy injunctions and 9 applications to continue existing injunctions.  There were 4 cases in which the High Court considered whether or not to issue permanent privacy injunctions and no privacy injunction appeals. Two of the cases involved the media although there appears to have been only one classic “media privacy injunction” application (which was unsuccessful on the return date). Continue reading

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