Comment is (not) free: E-Commerce back in the limelight – Anya Proops

30 06 2015

e-commerceI recently wrote about the settlement of the Max Mosley litigation against Google (see my post here). Had that case been fought to its conclusion, we would at the very least have had the pleasure of gaining greater insight into the weird and wonderful world of the E-commerce legislation. However, sadly that was not to be. Read the rest of this entry »

Revisited: Was Leveson wrong to reject a statutory right of reply? – Mark Thomson

29 12 2013

Right of ReplyIn his Report Lord Justice Leveson considered and rejected a proposal that there should be a statutory right of reply or correction.  This was a proposal made by the Media Regulation Roundtable in its evidence to the Inquiry [pdf].  His reasons for rejecting this proposal are unconvincing.  An important opportunity has been missed. Read the rest of this entry »