Leveson Costs Incentives, Cries of Foul from the Dirtiest Players on the Pitch – Jonathan Coad

28 10 2015

Guy Black takes his seat in the House of LordsHowls of outrage from the press led by Lord Black have apparently persuaded the government to withdraw its statutory stick in the form the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which was passed by our elected representatives to prevail on the press belatedly to join the democratic community and be independently regulated. Read the rest of this entry »

What is PressBoF? And would you trust it? – Brian Cathcart

26 06 2013

Dacre_2025402clord-blackPressBoF – the Press Standards Board of Finance – is the industry body that is desperately trying to block the Leveson-based Royal Charter for press self-regulation which was approved by all parties in Parliament in March. Read the rest of this entry »