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News: Naomi Campbell wins “Elephant Polo” libel claim against the Telegraph

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell has won her defamation action against The Daily Telegraph newspaper. The Telegraph had alleged in articles in November 2012 that Ms Campbell planned to organise an elephant polo tournament for her partner’s birthday celebrations in India and was therefore promoting animal cruelty. However, there were never any such plans – Ms Campbell had neither organised nor requested the organisation of any elephant polo tournament. Continue reading

Payments for private information and the regulation of journalism – Gideon Benaim

In a recent post I expressed the view that there was “something particularly wrong and distasteful about kiss-and-tells.” I explained that I was referring to situations in which money was paid to someone for a story about something private which is only of interest to the tabloid because it relates to a well-known person. .  The journalist and researcher Judith Townend commented on my post, asking “how should financial transactions of private information be managed in a new system of regulation?”   This is my response. Continue reading

Privacy protection: have the courts been led astray? – Gideon Benaim

It’s about time someone stopped pussyfooting around and told it like it is. So here goes: the courts have been led down the garden path when it comes to protecting privacy, and for various reasons people like me were frequently not able or keen to speak out, either because of client confidentiality or because of the respect which we undoubtedly had and have towards the courts and judiciary, and the tough decisions they have to make. Continue reading

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