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Gaps in UK regulation of online platforms make it difficult to tackle systemic issues: here are some ways we can fix this – Garfield Benjamin

Regulating online platforms has proven difficult, and not only due to the overused idea that technology moves faster than law. It often boils down to an unwillingness by policy-makers to tackle the underlying systemic issues of big tech, exacerbated by active lobbying by the tech industry, and the myth that ‘innovation first, regulation later’ will ever work. Continue reading

Amazon Echo’s privacy issues go way beyond voice recordings – Garfield Benjamin

Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice assistant have had widely publicised issues with privacy. Whether it is the amount of data they collect or the fact that they reportedly pay employees and, at times, external contractors from all over the world to listen to recordings to improve accuracy, the potential is there for sensitive personal information to be leaked through these devices. Continue reading

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