News: Strasbourg, MLDI intervenes in Grand Chamber Prince of Monaco Privacy Case

12 02 2015

Prince AlbertOn 12 June 2014, the Fifth Section of the Court of Human Rights held that judgment of a French Court arising out of a story that Monaco’s reigning monarch, Prince Albert II, had an illegitimate child was a violation of Article 10. Read the rest of this entry »

News: The Court of Human Rights attacks Daily Mail mispresentations

14 10 2013

European-Court-of-Human-Rights On 7 October 2013 the Daily Mail led with another attack on the European Court of Human Rights.  Under the headline “Human right to make a killing” it referred to a “damning dossier” which was said to show that Judges in Strasbourg had paid out £4.4 million to some of Britain’s worst criminals.  Read the rest of this entry »