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Spotify’s response to Rogan-gate falls short of its ethical and editorial obligations – David Tuffley

Audio streaming giant Spotify is getting a crash course in the tension between free speech and the need to protect the public from harmful misinformation.  The Swedish-founded platform, which has 400 million active users, has faced a hail of criticism over misinformation broadcast on its most popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. Continue reading

Social Media: What caused the unprecedented Facebook outage? The few clues point to a problem from within – David Tuffley

Suddenly and inexplicably, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus services were gone. And it was no local disturbance. In a blog post,, a major monitoring service for online outages, called it the largest global outage it had ever recorded — with 10.6 million reports from around the world. Continue reading

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