What must be done about the trolls on Twitter? – David Banks

14 08 2013

dont-feed-the-trollStrange times on Twitter.  What seemed like a well-supported, perfectly reasonable and ultimately successful campaign to make sure at least one of our banknotes has a woman on it (apart from the Queen) has been slightly overshadowed by rape threats made to one of the women who launched it. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex, death, brass bands and libel by photograph – David Banks

26 05 2013

Screen_Shot_2013-05-13_at_10.54.55If you want to find mistakes in papers look at the pictures.  The Sun on Sunday has just paid out in a libel settlement after running a story about a man discovering he was the son of Fred West – but the picture they printed on the front page was the man’s half-brother who was entirely unconnected to the serial killer. It has been reported that a five figure sum has changed hands as a result. Read the rest of this entry »

Nigel Evans, contempt and clues about alleged victims – David Banks

15 05 2013

Nigel EvansWAS Nigel Evans flirting with contempt of court by so publicly protesting his innocence on TV?  That was the question I was asked after he had appeared before cameras to deny the allegations of rape; talk of his shock that they had been made and thank his constituents and friends for their support. Read the rest of this entry »

Here come the (thought) police – David Banks

25 04 2013

businessman in suit with hands in handcuffsA COUPLE of jurors have been in the news recently, one for speaking his mind in court, one for speaking his mind on Facebook. One is now facing a contempt charge after he allegedly committed his thoughts on being chosen to try a man charged with sexual offences against a child to his Facebook page. He may be regretting being quite so frank in allegedly saying he “wanted to fuck up a paedophile.” Read the rest of this entry »