Are reports of defamation’s death greatly exaggerated? – Judith Townend

21 07 2015

Libeldata-protectionA marked spike in defamation claims for 2014 seems to have surprised some people, given recent developments around defamation law and introduction of a new Act that the previous government boldly claimed would ‘reverse’ the chilling effect. Read the rest of this entry »

A dearth of data about defamation cases in England and Wales – Judith Townend

25 09 2012

On Tuesday 18 September, the Law Society held a public debate on the Defamation Bill, asking the panel – including two QCs, a libel reform campaigner and an in-house newspaper lawyer – what they thought of its measures. Much was said about what was missing in the final bill. But I would add something that was missing in the consultative process: data. Read the rest of this entry »