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Intermediary Liability and User Content under Europe’s New Data Protection Law: Frequently Asked Questions and Rough Answers – Daphne Keller

faq-2This is the second instalment in my series analyzing Europe’s pending General Data Protection Regulation, with a focus on its impact on intermediary liability and user free expression.   The introduction gives an overview of the legislation and the issues it raises.  Reading it first is highly recommended.  This section goes into greater depth on those issues and previews coming installations n the series, which will appear on the Stanford CIS blog. Continue reading

Intermediary Liability and User Content under Europe’s New Data Protection Law – Daphne Keller

Data Protection ReformA big new law is coming, and a lot of companies doing business online aren’t going to like it.  Neither will many advocates of civil liberties for Internet users. Europe’s pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updates and overhauls EU data protection law – the law that produced this week’s Schrems case and last year’s “Right to Be Forgotten” ruling in the EU. Data protection has long been a field considered arcane and impenetrable by many US lawyers. Continue reading

The EU’s Data Protection Regulation: where are we? – Robin Hopkins

data-protectionThe replacement of Directive 95/26/EC – the bedrock of data protection in Europe – with a new Regulation is intended as a radical overhaul, making protections for personal data fit for the digital world. It has now been over two years since the first substantive draft of that Regulation was made public. I dimly recall Tim Pitt-Payne and I summarising it – see here. Continue reading

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