More #Trolls and #Trolling: the last three months of online abuse – Clare Brown

30 09 2014

cyber-bullyThis time last year I reported that summer 2013 had seen an explosion of online abuse. From TV academics, politicians, journalists, campaigners to troubled teenagers, certain individuals (and groups of individuals) were using social media to target vulnerable people. This summer has felt less dramatic on a day to day basis but I thought it would be helpful to review the past three months. Read the rest of this entry »

The Perils of “Revenge Porn” – Alex Cochrane

6 10 2013

revenge-porn-pink-methA new term has emerged recently in the lexicon of online privacy rights: “revenge porn”. It refers to the dissemination of nude photographs or videos, most frequently by a spurned lover who in an act of spite publicly shares the images, invariably on the internet, with the intention of humiliating or embarrassing the victim. Read the rest of this entry »