Trolls, threats, the law and deterrence – Paul Bernal

26 10 2014

trollhunter600“Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws” screamed the headline on the BBC’s website, after Chris Grayling decided to “take a stand against a baying cyber-mob”. It’s not the first time that so-called ‘trolls’ have been made the subject of a government ‘stand’ – and a media furore. This particular one arose after TV presenter Chloë Madeley suffered online abuse – that abuse itself triggered by the comments about rape made by her mother, Judy Finnigan, also a TV presenter, on Loose Women. Read the rest of this entry »

How much control do we have over our personal information on the Internet? – Sophie Pugh

10 05 2014

technology-internet-law1The Internet has revolutionised the way we live our lives. We can book anything from a holiday to a haircut, transfer money, buy and sell almost anything, trade in stocks and shares and even go in search of our ‘soul-mate’. Read the rest of this entry »

Think before you tweet. Will Old Holborn ever learn? – Rhory Robertson and Tom Double

20 11 2013

Old HolbornTweeting under the pseudonym “Old Holborn”, Robert Ambridge actively seeks controversy. The self-professed “‘leave me alone’ pioneer type Libertarian” was recently the subject of a CPS investigation following his decision to post a picture of two overweight women on Twitter and callously state that they were the reason for the Hillsborough Disaster. Read the rest of this entry »