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New Book: “Big Media and Internet Titans: Media Ownership – the Democratic Challenge” edited by Granville Williams

bigmediacoverThe central argument in a new book, Big Media and Internet Titans is that media pluralism must be put back on the political agenda.  The book has been published by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

“We identify key policy issues,” said the book’s editor, Granville Williams, “and argue that  governments need to recognise that unless there are clear rules and limits on media ownership, democracy suffers. The Leveson Inquiry demonstrated this unequivocally.” Continue reading

Leveson: Dinosaurs at Bay – Tim Gopsill

website_dinosuarstimmo_editThis post originally appeared in “Free Press” , the Journal of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and is reproduced with permission and thanks.

When Steve Bell launched his long-running Guardian cartoon strip “If…” in 1981, one early episode was titled “If … dinosaurs roamed Fleet Street”. It showed the beasts marauding up the street, laying waste to newspaper offices and all in their path.

Continue reading

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