Fake news, Covid-19 and digital literacy: Do what the experts do – Gianfranco Polizzi

25 06 2020

Recent political elections and campaigns on the one hand, and the current Covid-19 crisis on the other, have signalled that the general public, both in the UK and beyond, needs digital literacy to navigate the complex information environment in which we live. Read the rest of this entry »

Coronavirus: fake news less of a problem than confusing government messages: new study – Stephen Cushion, Maria Kyriakidou, Marina Morani and Nikki Soo

17 06 2020

Studies have suggested social media is rife with disinformation, with surveys showing a high proportion of people have been exposed to false or misleading claims about COVID-19, fuelling dramatic headlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: Is protesting during the pandemic an ‘essential’ right that should be protected? – Maria O’Sullivan

23 04 2020

Protests are increasingly breaking out around the world as people begin to chafe against lockdown restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read the rest of this entry »